How to start playing Slot Games

If you are a beginners in online gambling industry and just started to play online slot games, you may be wondering what are the other parts and kinds of online slot. Any decision you make in online slot is important. Know your limitations, make time to think and play wisely.  Here are some guide to know How to start playing Slot Games especially if you are a beginner in this industry.

How to start playing Slot Games

How to start playing Slot Games
How to start playing Slot Games

Multipliers, wilds, payouts and scatters are some of the types of online slot that you must know. Here are some better understanding on how online slots works. It can help you to get the winnings that you want if you decided to play online slot games.

Terms in Online Slots

  • Reels – It is a vertical lines where you can see the symbols. The reels are usually 3-5 in a slot and each reels fits in 3-5 symbols.
  • Payline – This payline is one of the line on the reels which is, if you get the symbol you need to line up and you will yield a win. It can be form into diagonal or vertical line. It depends on how many pay lines the machine has.
  • Scatters – You can add more money when it lands in any of the reels with the help of this symbol. There are more of these in paylines that will unlock the bonus round.
  • Symbol – It is basically the image that can be used to create the winning combinations along the paylines. Most of the online slots will use the same types of symbols to indicate the different game features and payouts.
  • Wild Symbol – It is well known as JOKER that substitutes other symbol to create a winning combinations. It has also the power to even multiply the winnings that you have won.
  • Multipliers – The multipliers make your slots double, triples or increase your winnings. But also like the other gambling games, it depends on the slot game and your luck. There are 4 types of multipliers: Base play multipliers, Free spins multipliers, Wild multipliers and the scattered multipliers.
  • Free Spins – It is another form of bonus in online slot when you can get a number of spins that don’t reduce your balance.
  • Progressive Jackpot Slots – It is a special jackpot for video slot feature. You can increase your total jackpot in every new game that you play. Several slot games are linked together to make one progressive jackpot that would become more quickly. Some machine have more than one progressive jackpot.
  • Video Slots – This types of online slots have some of the best graphics and design that can entertain you’re playing experience. You are likely to find many of them including bonus rounds, animation and even 3d graphics.

Understanding the Random Number Generator (RNG)

When playing online slot games, there is a computer component normally referred to as the random number generator. This RNG always produce random and different series of numbers every time you click the spin or bet maximum button. It is applied to all online casinos to determine the outcomes of the numerous online slots they offer.

Play and get more Exciting Winnings

With all that said, the best approach to playing the slot game is to pick a game that you want which is fun and exciting. Adding to the entertainment are the graphics, designs, music, sound effects and pop culture themes.


Now that you have an idea on How to start playing Slot Games and some types of online slot games you can get play. You can have the opportunity to get the winnings that you want. Play now!

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